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Title: Good Governance – основа для розбудови ефективної системи публічного управління.
Other Titles: Good Governance – basis for building an effective public administration system.
Authors: Дурман, О. Л.
Дурман, Е. Л.
Durman, O. L.
Keywords: публічне управління
публічний менеджмент
Good Governance
моделі публічного управління
стратегія розвитку
публичное управление
публичный менеджмент
модели публичного управления
стратегия развития
public administration
public management
public administration models
development strategy
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Видавничий дім «Гельветика»
Citation: Дурман, О. Л. Good Governance – основа для розбудови ефективної системи публічного управління / О. Л. Дурман // Публічне управління та митне адміністрування. – 2019. – № 1 (20). – С. 37- 43.
Series/Report no.: УДК 351: 681.32;
Abstract: Українська мова У статті розглядається сутність сучасної світової управлінської моделі «Good Governance» (належне урядування), необхідність впровадження якої залежить від змін, які відбуваються в українському суспільстві щодо модернізації системи державного управління. Російська мова В статье рассматривается сущность современной мировой управленческой модели «Good Governance» (должное управления), необходимость внедрения которой зависит от изменений, которые происходят в украинском обществе по модернизации системы государственного управления. Англійська мова Changes in Ukrainian society are aimed at changes in modern public administration. Examples are the tried and tested governance mechanisms of European countries, which will allow the development of optimal public administration systems at all levels of the state apparatus. One such example is the concept of “Good Governance” (good, proper management), which combines two basic elements: the democratic practice of making and implementing management decisions and efficiency (achieving results while minimizing costs). After the events of 2013-2014 (the refusal of President Yanukovich to sign the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, the second Maidan, the events in the east of Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea, etc.) Ukraine has changed the principles of its strategic development and directed its views on the EU, distancing itself from the CIS and the Customs Union. And already in the signed 2015 Sustainable Development Strategy "Ukraine 2020" it was stated that the purpose of the Strategy is to introduce European standards of living in Ukraine and Ukraine’s leading position in the world At the disposal of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On some issues of reforming the state administration of Ukraine”, which approved the Strategy of reforming public administration for 2016-2020, it is indicated that the principles of reforming the public administration system in Ukraine should be based on the principles formulated in the SIGMA document “ Principles of public administration. The main principles defined in this document, other than those mentioned, include the following: appropriate legislation; participation; openness; transparency of decision making; proper organization; proper staff; proper financial and budgetary management efficiency; conformity; a responsibility; supervision. Thus, it can be said that the transition to the model of equitable governance implies structural changes in the system of state administration, associated with the provision of greater independence to the lower level of the management hierarchy (including functional, material, financial, administrative). That is, in a general sense, the positive need for the concept of “Good Governance” lies in the fact that public administration loses its former rigidity, detailedness and regulability.
Description: Журнал категорії (В)
ISSN: ISSN 2310-9653
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